Privacy Policy


  1. The terms and conditions below bind to each user website (“Website”), then before using the Website, please read carefully the terms and conditions ;
  2. PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia (“AJINOMOTO”) can change the contents of this provision without prior notice.


  1. During use the Website, you are not allowed to do the things below, as follows :
    1. Actions that are in violation of the confidentiality of personal data or AJINOMOTO, including but not limited to an access violation Website, breaking through security systems, misuse or damage data AJINOMOTO and so forth ;
    2. Actions which could harm AJINOMOTO or any third party.
    3. Actions that violate the norms of decency, ethics, morality, SARA, and / or defamation;
    4. Action a crime or that may facilitate the occurrence of a crime ;
    5. Comments, posting articles, use the Website content and / or use the Website for commercial purposes;
    6. Provide a statement, data or false information;
    7. Inserting a computer virus or other programs that directly or indirectly damage the Website;
    8. Actions - actions are judged by AJINOMOTO unfit to be done in connection with use of the Website; and / or
    9. Action - Other actions that violate the law or regulations.
  2. If found the actions described above, AJINOMOTO can delete related data without prior notice to you, and / or for actions that violate laws and regulations, the AJINOMOTO will undertake the necessary legal action


  1. Ownership, Copyright or other rights attached to the information, articles, recipes, pictures, videos, or other content contained in AJINOMOTO or Website are the property belonging to other parties usage rights are owned by AJINOMOTO. Therefore, you are only allowed to use the content for non - commercial, informative and personal, with no violation of applicable law. In case you want to copy the recipe content contained in this website then it should include information that shows that you take the content of the Website. Aside from these things, you are not allowed to use content within this website.
  2. Any information you submit in an online forum on the website and also the information that you provide to AJINOMOTO in the form of questionnaire, sent recipes, comments, ideas, proposals and / or other information belong AJINOMOTO and entitled used by AJINOMOTO for the development of its business activities, with exclusion of your personal data recorded on the website will be protected in accordance AJINOMOTO Privacy Policy.
  3. Copyright of the content that we send to you by (e-mail) AJINOMOTO ownership and you are not allowed to distribute it without the permission of AJINOMOTO.
  4. All trademarks used in AJINOMOTO or Website are the property belonging to others which use rights owned by AJINOMOTO. Therefore, you are not allowed to use the trademarks without the prior approval of AJINOMOTO.


  1. AJINOMOTO tries to present content in a website with a decent and good , but AJINOMOTO not provide a guarantee of kekakuratan and completeness of the content - the content
  2. Without prior notice AJINOMOTO can freeze or stop the Website and may divert , repair or modify the content contained in the Website;
  3. AJINOMOTO not responsible for losses arising to you or any other party caused by your use of the Website, the loss of access to the Website, loss / damage arising in connection with the contents of the Website or access violation on the Website.


AJINOMOTO will protect and use your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy AJINOMOTO.




AJINOMOTO can not accept ideas, ideas, notes, drafts or other proposals you submit associated with product development, marketing and other activities (“USULAN”). It should be understood that for each proposal sent to AJINOMOTO following provisions apply:

  1. AJINOMOTO not responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the proposal;
  2. AJINOMOTO is not obliged to examine or assess the Proposal;
  3. If AJINOMOTO develops concepts or ideas that are similar to your proposal, AJINOMOTO does not have any obligation to you.


AJINOMOTO not responsible for any loss due to the content of third party websites linked to this Website (“WEBSITE TERHUBUNG”) or from use of the Website Linked.

In principle connected to the Website is free of charge, but AJINOMOTO considering the content and content, AJINOMOTO may refuse to connect with Linked Websites both before and after connected with Linked Websites


You may have heard of “cookies ”, which are files or pieces of information that a series of information in the form of text are at the transfer site to the cookie file of media search computer hard drive you so that the website can remember who you are.

A cookie typically contains the name of the domain where the cookie originated, “age” cookie, and a value, usually a unique number obtained at random. When you visit our website we send you a cookie.

Cookies can be used in the following way:

  • To help us recognize you as a unique visitor (just a number) when you revisit our website and to allow us to connect the content or ads to fit the needs of your preferences or to prevent you from seeing the same ad over and over again.
  • To compile anonymous statistics, aggregates that allow us to understand how users use our site and to help us improve the structure of our website. We can not identify you personally in this way.
  • Two types of cookies may be used on this website; ‘session cookies’, which are temporary cookies that persist in the cookie file in the search engines you until you leave the site, and ‘persistent cookies’, which settled in the cookie file in the search engine you are for a longer time (but how long will depend on the age of the cookie).

Enable / disable Cookies

You have the ability to accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your search engine. However, you may not be able to use all the interactive features of our site if cookies are disabled.

There are several ways to manage cookies. If you use different computers in different locations you need to ensure that every search engine has been adapted to your cookie preferences.

Controls over your privacy Needs

Some search engines - modern search engine has a feature that will analyze website privacy policies and allow users to control their privacy needs. This is usually known as features ‘P3P’ (Privacy Preferences Platform).

You can easily delete cookies that have been installed (install) in the cookie folder in your search engine. For example, if you use Microsoft Windows Explorer:

  • open ‘Windows Explorer’
  • click the button ‘Search’ on tool bar
  • type “cookie” into the search box for ‘Folders and Files’
  • choose ‘My Computer’ inside box ‘Look In’
  • click ‘Search Now’ click twice on the folder found
  • Select’ any file cookie
  • click button ‘Delete’ on your keyboard
  • If you are not using Microsoft Windows Explorer, then you should choose ‘cookies’ the function ‘Help’ for information on where to find the Cookies folder.


  1. Website and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and in accordance with the laws of Indonesia;
  2. In the event of a dispute, the dispute and / or differences related to the Website and its use will be resolved by selecting the North Jakarta District Court in Jakarta province.