SLP or School Lunch Program is a collaborative program between Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia. This program aims to provide balanced nutritional lunches using Ajinomoto products and also provide nutritional education to school children at Ponpes Darussalam and Darulfallah for 10 months intensively. The final results of this program have been scientifically proven that it can improve the nutritional intake of students, which ultimately helps improve the anemia status (Hb levels).

Figure 1. Percentage of children in Asia and Indonesia experiencing stunting and underweight

In Asia, the average prevalence of undernutrition is 12.9% and stunting is 14.8% (age 6-12 years). Indonesia has the highest prevalence, with 22.3% experiencing undernutrition and 31.7% experiencing stunting.

Figure 2. The prevalence of anemia among children aged 5-15 years is also very high, with a rate of 46.4%.

To address these social issues, PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia collaborates with the Department of Community Nutrition at Bogor Agricultural University to conduct a program called the School Lunch Program (SLP). Health issues among children in Indonesia (children aged 5-15 years).