55 Years of Ajinomoto Continue to Create Positive Impact on Indonesia

11 July 2024

Contributions of PT Ajinomoto Indonesia over 55 years in improving the healthy life expectancy of Indonesian families and preserving the environment. This includes initiatives such as the School Lunch Program, Elderly Program, GEMBIRA, and the implementation of a circular economy, as well as carbon emission reduction and plastic waste management.

Ajinomoto Shares Kindness in the Moment of Eid al-Adha 1445H

24 June 2024

In the spirit of Iduladha 1445 H, Ajinomoto Indonesia Group extended goodwill by donating sacrificial animals to the communities around its various locations. This year, Ajinomoto Indonesia donated sacrificial animals to 25 mosques, prayer halls (musala), and local communities near its offices, factories, and depots across different regions. This initiative reflects Ajinomoto’s commitment to social responsibility and positive contributions to society.

Ajinomoto's Efforts to Create Eco-Friendly Business Activities

12 June 2024

Ajinomoto Indonesia Group innovates for a greener future with Health Provider sustainability initiatives. Focused on health and environmental conservation, we transform employees into agents of change. With waste reduction, energy efficiency, and circular economy practices, we are committed to an environmentally friendly business and a healthy life expectancy for the Indonesian community.

Ajinomoto Launches "KALDOPLUS", More Practical & Economical Solution for Homemade Chicken Broth

22 May 2024

Ajinomoto Launches “KALDOPLUS”, a More Practical & Economical Solution as a Substitute for Homemade Chicken Broth

Ajinomoto Launch New Product, Masako® Mushroom Broth

22 May 2024

AJINOMOTO INDONESIA introduces a new product that adds value and contributes to the health of the Indonesian people with Masako® Mushroom Broth.

Success Story of Erwina, Ajinomoto Scholarship Winner to Kagawa Nutrition University, Japan

22 May 2024

Discover the inspiring journey of Erwina Safitri, who pursued her dreams and obtained a Master of Science degree from Kagawa Nutrition University in Japan through the Ajinomoto Scholarship.