Masako® from Ajinomoto Earn Favorite Halal Brand Award LPPOM MUI Halal Award 2023

19 September 2023

Consistently ensuring all its product lines receive halal certification, Ajinomoto Indonesia through the Masako® brand won the Favorite Halal Brand LPPOM MUI Halal Award 2023

Increasing Healthy Life Expectancy and Reducing Environmental Impact, Ajinomoto Launches the MAPAN Environmental Program in Surabaya

13 September 2023

As proof of the contribution of Health Provider Ajinomoto to the surrounding community, Ajinomoto launched the MAPAN Environmental Program (Mitra Health Provider AjiNomoto) in Bulak Banteng Village, Surabaya

GEMBIRA (Gerakan Masak Bergizi Bersama Ajinomoto Health Provider) Held in Soreang, Bandung

06 September 2023

Health Provider Ajinomoto shares the importance of increasing balanced nutritional intake and family health to PKK mothers in Soreang, Bandung, through the GEMBIRA (Gerakan Masak Bergizi Bersama Ajinomoto Health Provider) event.

Ajinomoto Shares Experiences in Implementing Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Activities in the 'Soebardjo Brotohardjono National Seminar'

28 August 2023

Ajinomoto Indonesia collaborates with UPN Veteran East Java to hold a national seminar on the development of green chemical industry towards the realization of circular economy. In this seminar, Ajinomoto shares its experience on implementing environmentally friendly and sustainable activities that support the creation of SDGs.

Cooking Enthusiasts Explore Umami Delicacy with Smart Salt Menu in the Event of Umami Festival 2023

08 August 2023

Ajinomoto Indonesia through Dapur Umami held Umami Festival which collaborate with ABC Cooking Studio, featuring Chef Hideki Fujiwara too cook Tori Jiru menu using AJI-NO-MOTO®

Ajinomoto Launch Lingkungan MAPAN Program to Increase Healthy Life Expectancy and Reduce Environmental Impact

02 August 2023

Ajinomoto Indonesia (Ajinomoto) and its global affiliates are committed to extending healthy life expectancy for 1 billion people and reducing environmental impact by 50% by 2030. The Sustainable Environment Program was launched in Sunter Jaya, North Jakarta, with activities focusing on health, environment, and fostering culinary SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). In collaboration with Health Providers, Ajinomoto aims to reduce stunting rates and support the development of culinary businesses through the Ajinomoto Culinary SME Competition.