Ajinomoto Comes Through “Nutrition Without Compromise” for Indonesia

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 17 November 2021

The Ajinomoto Group is committed to helping solve health problems through nutrition. Through "Nutrition Without Compromise" the spirit to be able to contribute to society was conveyed by employees of PT Ajinomoto Indonesia with various versions according to the focus of their respective work.

Vice President of PT Ajinomoto Sales Indonesia, Mr. Tri Mulyo said that compromise is facing new challenges by prioritizing availability. He said his profession as a salesperson required him to have skills in the field and communication. All of this is done in order to build good relationships with customers.

“As a salesperson, the thing that I prioritize the most is honesty. We need to let them know that Ajinomoto's products are not only delicious but also healthy. For a salesman sometimes patience is always needed, but I believe in the quality of Ajinomoto's products. That's why I believe I can explain the product honestly and confidently. The happiest moment for me, when I can see and get a sincere understanding from customers, “said Tri Mulyo.

He also said that good distribution throughout Indonesia is an important way so that all people can enjoy healthy and nutritious food.

"Nutrition without compromise means serving our customers sincerely and passing on nutritious food from Ajinomoto to all parts of Indonesia," he said.

The marketing team is also committed to solving health problems through nutrition, as expressed by Endang Pamularsih, SSBD Section Manager of PT Ajinomoto Indonesia, who uncompromisingly faces new challenges while respecting local lifestyles.

His job as a marketer is to make himself always sensitive to consumer needs. “What do Indonesian consumers want from Ajinomoto products? One of them is through Sajiku®,” she said.

PT Ajinomoto Indonesia not only serves Indonesian specialties that are familiar to the community, but also healthy food for families.

Endang continued, “Ajinomoto has responded by developing many products and menu applications that produce delicious and healthy dishes, so that we can contribute to the health of the family. Good food will provide a better life for everyone. We believe that in this way we can support the Indonesian people and enrich people's lives.”

"Nutrition without compromise means being the first to recognize consumer needs and enriching Indonesian food culture with Ajinomoto," he concluded.

Not only for the wider community, the spirit of health issues through nutrition is also applied to employees of PT Ajinomoto Indonesia. As stated by Jevi Jamilatul Fahmi Santosa, Personnel & Legal Staff of PT Ajinomoto Indonesia's Karawang Factory.

She believes that the quality of Ajinomoto's products is a good and continuous collaboration of every employee in order to realize the vision and mission of the Ajinomoto Group to create delicious and nutritious food. “I think that's uncompromising nutrition for them. The creation of a healthy and comfortable work environment is very important so that employees can work in healthy conditions both physically, mentally and socially.”

In order to support employee health, the company provides various health facilities that contribute to the fulfillment of employee nutrition. The food served by the company in the canteen is self-processed food, so that its healthy and nutritious quality is maintained.

The health and well-being of employees is a reflection of the company. That's what uncompromising nutrition means to us. "Nutrition without compromise means creating a healthy workplace to encourage employees to produce healthy and delicious food seasoning products from Ajinomoto," concluded Jevi.

Ajinomoto is here to provide nutritious meals to the entire world, without compromising on taste, local ways of life or accessibility. Because that it “Nutrition Without Compromise”

Watch more about Nutrition Without Compromise from the entire Ajinomoto Group staff here.

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