Ajinomoto Wins Award for Initiative to Implement Circular Economy Program from Tempo

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 11 January 2023

Co-products produced from the by-products of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto)'s various seasoning production processes received an appreciation for the Circular Economy Award organized by the Tempo Media Group. This award was given to Ajinomoto for the initiative to implement circular economic programs and practices that contribute to the environment, society and economy.

This award was given to Ajinomoto for the initiative to implement circular economic programs and practices that contribute to the environment, economy, and society. Jasman Silalahi, Director – PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA, received this award on Tuesday, 20 December 2022 at the Tempo Building.

"Thank God, this award means a lot for the advancement of circular economic practices, environmentally friendly activities & corporate sustainability. This award also provides a sense of pride and additional motivation for us to continue to develop initiatives related to environmental and social issues, also it motivates us to meet the needs and expectations of the Indonesian people which is our top priority," said Jasman, when receiving the Tempo Circular Economy Award at the Tempo Building, Jakarta (20/12/2022).


"Circular economics is based on collaboration, efficiency, innovation, and trends in the business world that nowadays have cast away the linear economic model. With the principle of Ajinomoto Share Value (ASV) we are sure that we can be consistent in realizing this circular economy with the aim of increasing the healthy life expectancy of humans, as well as the health of the earth, for a sustainable and environmentally-friendly life. To realize this commitment, the Ajinomoto Indonesia Group is also increasing the literacy and knowledge of all employees to serve as Health Providers. Health Providers consist of Health providers for Human Being and Health Providers for The Earth, because the Ajinomoto Indonesia Group cares about improving the health of all people and the earth (environment). For the health and preservation of the earth, in particular the Ajinomoto Indonesia Group wants to contribute to reducing waste pollution in the sea," he continued.


According to Arif Zulkifli, Director – Tempo Media Group. The Tempo Circular Economy Award, which was held this year, was opened through a registration system, and there are two stages in the assessment process, proposal submission & proposal presentation to assessors. The jury (assessors) in the Tempo Circular Economy Award consists of:

  1. Ir. Medrilzam, M. Prof. Econ, Ph.D (Director of Environment of the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas)
  2. Prof. Brian Yuliarto (Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology ITB)
  3. Indah Budiani (Executive Director of Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development/IBCSD)
  4. Bijaksana Junerosano (Founder & CEO of Waste4Change)
  5. Philipus Parera (Director of Tempo Data & Analysis Center)


“We will develop the Tempo Circular Economy Award in the following years. This year we are holding it for 3 categories, namely Large Companies, Start-ups, and Small Medium Enterprise. In the future there will be other categories from different industries. Tempo will also run a circular economy from time to time," said Zulkifli.

Meanwhile, according to the Minister of PPN/Bappenas, Suharso Monoarfa, who was also present at the award ceremony, said that the circular economy is the capital of extending the life cycle of a product, raw materials, and existing resources, so they can be used as long as possible. The application of the circular economy covers five sectors. Food and beverages, textiles, construction, wholesale-retail trade, and electronic equipment.

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