Fermented Mother Liquor (FML), Animal Feed Nutrition Alternative PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA’s Innovation in Increasing Livestock Production and Quality in Indonesia

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 07 December 2021

Jakarta, November 30th, 2021 - PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA continues to innovate by utilizing the remaining manufacturing process Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) to produce by-products that can be reused. One of them is to create an alternative product for animal feed nutrition, namely Fermented Mother Liquor (FML). FML is a raw material that contains high protein and free amino acid compounds to then be mixed into animal feed.

"By-product processing activities are in line with the company's Ajinomoto Share Value (ASV), PT Ajinomoto Indonesia has started processing which in the process refers to Eco Activity and Bio Cycle. As we know, the main raw material for MSG production is fermented sugar, such as molasses, tapioca flour, etc. The production process will produce by-products which can then be processed into products and have a selling value (Co-Product), in this case produce Fermented Mother Liquor (FML),” explained Yudho Koesbandryo, Factory Manager and Director of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA.

FML is a liquid from the processing result of by-product from the production process of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). FML contains crude protein of more than 20% which is beneficial for the growth and development of livestock and fish farming. Besides having the main content of protein, FML also contains 3-5% high-quality amino acids and minerals.

FML liquid has a blackish brown color and has a distinctive aroma that can stimulate the digestive organs to improve certain functions that are beneficial for the body of livestock and increase the appetite of cattle, poultry, and fish. The provision of FML in the ratio can increase the rate of rumen microbial growth so that it will increase the digestibility of the ration fiber and the supply of the required amino acids. Usually widely used in livestock with long intestines, such as: cattle and sheep. FML is one of the alternative quality animal feed ingredients because there is no additional materials and has a very affordable price. This is certainly a good strategy in maintaining and increasing livestock production.

FML is distributed using tanker trucks directly to animal feed mills, silage producers, and also to consumer users (farmers). The scope of distribution of FML is in Java, Lampung, and Sumatra, while the largest livestock populations are in Java and Lampung. For the application process, FML can be carried out in several ways, including using a 3-5% composition into the animal feed mixture, it can also be mixed directly into livestock drinking water.. In addition, FML can also be used as a silage-making material by mixing 3-5% FML into forage or agricultural biomass residues (grass, leaves, rice straw, and others).

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA will continue to strive to create environmentally friendly innovations, referring to the Eco Activity and Bio Cycle that have been previously applied to the entire production process (By Product) of Ajinomoto. And through this FML Co Product, it is hoped that it can help breeders in terms of quality livestock cultivation and care and of course safe for livestock health. "We hope that by continuing to be committed to creating innovations through the use of existing production processes, PT Ajinomoto Indonesia can provide positive impact on the environment while supporting sustainable livestock cultivation in Indonesia,” concluded Yudho.

Through the Agri Dev Department, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA continues to be committed to processing by-products from the production of MSG and food and other domestic waste into products that have selling value. This is a form of the company's commitment to maintaining biodiversity, the quality of water and soil resources, increasing crop productivity and the welfare of farmers.

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