YumYum Imported Thai Fried Noodle with Spicy Roasted Chicken Flavor, New Instant Noodle Product from Ajinomoto

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 22 November 2019

Jakarta – With huge size of instant noodle market, especially fried noodle variants in Indonesia, makes PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia doesn’t want to be outdone to come up with a new idea by launch the new variant of imported instant noodle products, namely YumYum Thai Spicy Grilled Chicken, or YumYum rasa Ayam Panggang Pedas Khas Thailand.

With so many Thai culinary variants which have unique flavors due to the use of selected spices, made Ajinomoto Indonesia comes up with some idea to blend Thai taste with Indonesian taste.

Starting with that idea, Ajinomoto presented YumYum Instant Noodle products with Tom Yum Shrimp flavor in 2017. Previously, soup noodle variant of YumYum had sour, spicy, creamy Tom Yum Shrimp taste, this time Ajinomoto presented a new variant (fried noodles) which had the taste and scent of Thai Spicy Roasted Chicken.

New product of YumYum is an Instant Fried Noodle with a taste of Spicy Roasted Chicken made from spices chosen from Thailand.

No need to worry about safety & halal of this product. Because, same with its predecessor variant, YumYum Spicy Roasted Chicken Flavored Fried Noodles although categorize as imported instant noodles, but already has a halal label from LPPOM MUI.

"Indonesian people who are active with their work density, like new things, and are very happy to explore new culinary, we feel that they are suitable with the target consumers of this product," said Mr. Suparman, Processed Foods Department Manager of Ajinomoto Indonesia.

"Having a Thailand’s signature taste, the scent of spicy roast chicken which more appetizing, has a halal label from LPPOM MUI, and competitive prices in the category of imported instant noodles, make us confident that YumYum Spicy Roasted Chicken flavors will become favorite imported fried noodles of the Indonesian people," He continued.

For Indonesian people who can't wait to feel the sensation of imported Thai fried noodles, YumYum Spicy Roasted Chicken, our products already available and can be found at your nearest supermarket. Let's try Thailand’s imported fried noodles YumYum Spicy Roasted Chicken Flavor. Enjoy The Authentic Thai Noodle!

About PT Ajinomoto Indonesia

PT. Ajinomoto Indonesia is a leading producer of food seasonings that has colored the lives of Indonesian people with high-quality products and presents delights at every consumer's cuisine. With its global slogan 'Eat Well, Live Well', at the age of 50 years, PT Ajinomoto Indonesia has scored remarkable achievements that signal the strength and resilience of a company that can make a major contribution to the people of Indonesia.

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