Varian Sajiku® Bumbu Praktis

Nasi Goreng Rasa Ayam

20 gr

Nasi Goreng Rasa Pedas

20 gr

Nasi Goreng Spesial

20 gr

Ayam Goreng

24 gr

Ikan Goreng

18 gr

Sayur Asem

25 gr

Sayur Capcay

20 gr

Sayur Sop

19 gr

Soto Ayam

20 gr

Production Process

Production Process Sajiku® Bumbu Praktis


  • Practical

    Cooking is easier and quick

  • Taste Good

    Using whole seasoning and spices with the right measurement

  • Original Seasoning & Spices

    With a guide of selected original seasoning and spices