Ajinomoto Invites Mothers to Improve Family Nutrition with GEMBIRA

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 22 December 2022

Consistent in socializing the importance of improving family nutrition and health, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) invites moms from Family Welfare Development (PKK) association in Surabaya to be involved in the GEMBIRA event (Nutritional Cooking Movement with Ajinomoto Health Provider). More than 400 mothers received education about the importance of balanced nutrition, and how to manage balanced nutritional intake for the family.


Rina Sukaesih - Director of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA when met at the event said, “Mother as a provider of healthy and nutritious food plays a very important role. Every day the mothers determine the family food menu. With healthy food and balanced nutrition, families can grow well. Ajinomoto realized that good nutrition is a big thing that should be highlighted and the family is a very important foundation for the development of a generation. A healthy family can produce a healthy and strong nation in the future. Good nutrition is an important capital for the growth of Indonesia's generation.”


“With complete nutrition, the mental and physical development of Indonesia's young generation will improve, so they can grow into a strong nation. Fostering a healthy family is not an easy thing. Today to PKK mothers in Surabaya, we share the importance of balanced nutritional intake for families, how to choose good food by prioritizing balanced nutritional intake through the "fill my plate" narrative, and we also socialize the importance of limiting salt intake through the message "Wise Salt". what we say. Through today's education, we hope that mothers' knowledge of the importance of good food intake and containing balanced nutrition will increase. In addition to managing the needs of a family every day, the mother is also the first teacher for the child. We also hope that today's information can be passed on by mothers to other family members so that it becomes a good habit in preparing nutritious food intake for the family," she continued.


Towards 2030, Ajinomoto has two big goals, the first is to increase the quality and healthy life expectancy of Indonesian families and the second to reduce the environmental impact of the company's activities. Everything is done and distributed by the Health Provider which is the designation for Ajinomoto Indonesia employees. "Stunting, obesity, excess salt consumption, and high rates of anemia among children are four health problems highlighted by Ajinomoto. Through the “Healthy Tasty Life” program, Ajinomoto helps come up with solutions for these four problems. Today's nutritional education event is one of our efforts as a Health Provider to reduce these four health problems. As Health Providers, we communicated today's event through 3 main messages: Manage portions, Read labels and Adequate nutritional intake, delicious and salt wisely, ”said Rina on the sidelines of the event. Today's event was getting livelier and warmer with a cooking demonstration by Chef Eki Nugraha.


Apart from nutrition education and cooking demonstrations, Ajinomoto also shared information about Masako and the importance of caring for the environment around the family through simple daily activities, such as sorting kitchen waste and wisely managing waste with 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). Ajinomoto also opened a Nutrition Corner which provided nutrition consultations for visitors who were attended by a Nutritionist from Ajinomoto.

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