Ajinomoto Launch Lingkungan MAPAN Program to Increase Healthy Life Expectancy and Reduce Environmental Impact

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 02 August 2023

Jakarta, 23 July 2023 – Towards 2030, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) together with all affiliates from Ajinomoto Global around the world, have 2 big goals to achieve. The first is to expand healthy life expectancy of 1 billion people worldwide and the second is to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities up to 50%.

Ajinomoto's commitment to achieving these 2 goals is realized by transforming all employees as Health Providers. Health Provider Ajinomoto is equipped with knowledge related to nutrition, family health, and also environmental sustainability which is not only for theirself but can also be shared with families and wider community in Indonesia.

"Today we launched the Program MAPAN (Mitra health provider AjiNomoto) in Sunter Jaya Subdistrict, North Jakarta, which is one of the concrete proofs of our direct contribution - Health Providers to the people of Indonesia, starting from our surroundings. We will implement the MAPAN Environmental Program in three cities: Jakarta, Karawang, and Surabaya until March 2024. These three locations are the closest places to where we are located, namely Kelurahan Sunter Jaya in Jakarta, where our head office is located, Desa Walahar in Karawang, where one of our factories is located and in Kelurahan Bulak Banteng in Surabaya, where one of our branch offices is located. In this Established Environment, we will carry out various activities in the fields of health, environment and economic development for Culinary MSMEs.


Based on data from the 2022 Indonesian Nutrition Status Survey (SSGI), the prevalence of stunting in Indonesia is still at 21.6%. Concerned about this situation in the health sector, we conducted training and mentoring for posyandu cadres at the Sunter Jaya Village Health Center to reduce stunting rates in this Village. In addition, we also support the provision of supplementary food for toddlers with stunting so that their growth can meet WHO standards for the growth of healthy children and toddlers at risk of malnutrition for stunting prevention. We also invited Head of the Nutrition Study Program, Faculty of Food Technology and Health, Sahid University, Khoirul Anwar S.Gz, M.Si to provide information on good balanced nutrition arrangements for families.


“In the environmental field, Health Provider Ajinomoto from the Agricultural Development Department also provided information to the participants about the importance of sorting waste at home and how to grow hydroponically using AJIFOL which is a by-product of processing MSG from our factory," said Grant Senjaya - Head of Corporate Communications PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA.


Today's program also presents Chef Jordhy Aldyan Latif – Master Chef 6 alumni who shares his experience in starting a culinary business, which can provide inspiration for residents of the Sunter Jaya sub-district. Ajinomoto invited residents who were present who planned to start a culinary business or who already have a culinary business to take part in the Ajinomoto Culinary MSME Contest. Ajinomoto provides venture capital as additional prizes in the form of financial support for business development, for the winners of the Ajinomoto Culinary MSME Contest.


"We hope that what the Ajinomoto Health Providers shared today can be well received and can be useful input and provide added value for residents of the Sunter Jaya sub-district and for residents in 2 other MAPAN neighborhood locations,” concluded Grant at the end of the conversation.

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