Ajinomoto Health Provider Invites PKK Mothers to Improve Family Nutrition Awareness Behavior in 16 Indonesian Cities

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 25 January 2024

Malang, January 18, 2024 - In an effort to continue to provide understanding regarding the importance of balanced nutritional intake, wise consumption of salt, and family health, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) invites Family Welfare Development (PKK) mothers in 16 major cities in Indonesia to be involved in the GEMBIRA (Cooking Movement) event. Nutritious with Ajinomoto Health Provider. This activity is one of Ajinomoto's steps to achieve one of its visions in 2030, namely increasing the healthy life expectancy of 1 billion people throughout the world, including the Indonesian people. GEMBIRA activities have been going on since last year and more than 5,900 PKK mothers have received nutrition education and nutritionally balanced cooking demonstrations through this event.

“Mothers as providers of healthy and nutritious food has a very important role. Every day the mothers determine the family food menu. With healthy food and balanced nutritional intake, families can develop well. Ajinomoto realizes that good nutritional intake is a big thing that deserves attention and family is a very important foundation for the development of a generation. A healthy family can produce a healthy and strong nation in the future. Good nutrition is an important asset for the growth of the Indonesian generation. With complete nutrition, the mental and physical development of Indonesia's young generation will improve, so they can grow into a strong nation in the future. Today, with PKK mothers in Klojen District, Malang, Ajinomoto is trying to increase nutritional awareness behavior by sharing information about good balanced nutritional intake for families, then how to choose good food by prioritizing balanced nutritional intake through the narrative "fill my plate", counting nutritional status using nutrition discs, and we also socialize the importance of the role of umami spices in limiting salt intake through the message "Smart Salt". Through today's education, we hope that mothers' knowledge of the importance of good food intake containing balanced nutrition will increase. "We also hope that today's information can be passed on by mothers to other family members so that it becomes a good habit in preparing nutritious food intake for the family," said Yusuke Maeyama – Deputy Head of Surabaya Branch, PT AJINOMOTO SALES INDONESIA when met at the event.

"Towards 2030, Ajinomoto has two big goals, the first is to improve the quality and healthy life expectancy of Indonesian families and the second is to reduce the environmental impact of the company's activities. Everything is carried out and distributed by Health Providers, which is the name for Ajinomoto Indonesia employees, who we have provided with knowledge related to nutrition, family health and also environmental sustainability. Stunting, obesity, excessive salt consumption and high rates of anemia among children are four health problems highlighted by Ajinomoto. Through the Ajinomoto program, it helps provide solutions to these four problems. Today's educational event regarding nutrition is one of our efforts as a Health Provider to reduce these four health problems. "As a Health Provider, we communicate today's event through 3 main messages: regulate food portions, fulfill your intake with delicious food that is nutritionally balanced, delicious, and Smart Salt," he continued.

Today's event was even livelier and warmer with a cooking demonstration from Chef Devina Hermawan. This Master Chef Season 5 alumnus guides mothers in Klojen District, Malang, to cook 3 delicious, practical menus with balanced nutrition, the recipes for which are taken from the Dapur Umami website ( The 3 menus are the Smart Salt menu “Kaki Naga Sayur ala AJI-NO-MOTO®” & 2 menus of delicious Masako® broth innovation, namely Bakso Malang ala Masako®, Tumis Sayur Bakso ala Masako®. Apart from nutritional education and cooking demonstrations, Ajinomoto also shares information about Masako® products.

The results of this year's series of GEMBIRA activities, which started in August 2023, are considered very good. Based on a survey (pre & post the event) carried out on all participants, there was an increase in understanding of the information aspects of Ajinomoto's Balanced Nutrition, Smart Salt, and Environmentally Friendly Product Innovation. Apart from this GEMBIRA activity, Ajinomoto has also initiated several activities related to efforts to increase the healthy life expectancy of the Indonesian people which can be seen at

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