Ajinomoto Launches "KALDOPLUS", More Practical & Economical Solution for Homemade Chicken Broth

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 22 May 2024

Jakarta, May 2024 - PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) launched its newest product variant: "KALDOPLUS" to meet the market needs of the hotel, restaurant and catering industry (Horeka) in Indonesia and provide the best solution as a more practical and economical substitute for homemade chicken stock. "KALDOPLUS" is one of the products that helps make various culinary menus delicious through the use of Ajinomoto's technology and can help expand the Horeka (food service) business.

“KALDOPLUS” is a liquid flavoring broth with chicken meat extract, which can improve the taste and aroma of chicken, just like homemade chicken broth. “KALDOPLUS” is made with quality chicken meat extract and special raw materials, using amino acid technology from Ajinomoto.

"As a basic stock seasoning, "KALDOPLUS" can be used as a solution for the hotel, restaurant and catering industries, in making practical chicken stock, with a stronger taste and aroma. "KALDOPLUS" is available in 1 Liter bottles which suit Horeka's business needs," said Ryo Nakamura, Head of Horeka Dept - PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA.

“KALDOPLUS can be used as a substitute for homemade chicken stock. Generally, to make homemade chicken stock, you need to boil the chicken for +/- 2 hours, while using KALDOPLUS as much as 3% of the total amount of water (boiled for 10 minutes) can produce an intensity of aroma and taste equivalent to boiling for +/- 2 hours, so making chicken stock with "KALDOPLUS" becomes more practical in terms of time and ingredients used, and of course in terms of costs it becomes more economical," he continued.

Currently "KALDOPLUS" can be obtained by ordering via Sales or Field Consultant Horeka Dept - Ajinomoto. "KALDOPLUS" products are also available on retail market channels such as Lotte Wholesale Supermarkets, or can be purchased through the Ajinomoto Official Store on Tokopedia, Shopee and Lazada. To access more information about Horeka Ajinomoto products as well as various recommendations for recipes and culinary business ideas for Hotel, Restaurant, Catering or MSME players, you can visit Ajinomoto Professional's social media (

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