Ajinomoto's Efforts to Create Eco-Friendly Business Activities

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 12 June 2024

Jakarta, Juni 2024 – In an effort to continue to contribute to extending healthy life expectancy & creating an environmentally friendly business, the Ajinomoto Indonesia Group has a sustainability initiative through Health Providers, which focuses on human health and environmental sustainability. All employees are transformed into Health Providers, who not only implement initiatives in the field of health and environmental sustainability for themselves but can also share them with the surrounding community. The transformation of all employees into Health Providers is one of the company's efforts to extend the healthy life expectancy of the Indonesian people, and reduce environmental impacts in line with the company's 2030 vision.

"We, as Ajinomoto Health Providers, are moved to participate in reducing environmental impacts and creating environmentally friendly business activities. For example, Health Providers at our factories in Mojokerto and Karawang are actively carrying out various activities to reduce the amount of waste produced by production and utilize it into economically valuable products that are beneficial to the surrounding environment. Several other efforts were also made in the Ajinomoto factory area, such as reducing carbon emissions and increasing the efficiency of water use in the production process. Apart from that, one of our brands Masako® also participates in reducing plastic through an initiative to reduce the use of plastic in header parts and eliminate plastic inner parts, our other product - MSG AJI-NO-MOTO® launched a product with paper packaging which can help reduction of plastic material up to 30%. Apart from that, Ajinomoto also carries out circular economic practices by making side products (co-products) from the MSG manufacturing process into products that have economic value such as AJIFOL & AMINA, which have selling value in society. Then the newest is the operation of a bio-mass boiler which uses wood pellets, agricultural and plantation waste as fuel to replace coal, so that the carbon emissions are more environmentally friendly. Our factory has also started to utilize solar power and carry out rainwater harvesting to help save energy in production activities," explained by Grant Senjaya Head of Corporate Communications PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA.

Ajinomoto also collaborated with Rekosistem in providing waste station facilities at Sememi Market - Surabaya, as an effort to improve management and increasing active community participation in managing plastic waste.

Commemorate with World Environment Day in June 2024, Ajinomoto wants to invite all Indonesian people to contribute to preserving the environment, starting from things that are close to our daily lives, such as sorting plastic waste in places that have been provided, so that we can help related parties in the management and recycling process.

Through these steps, Ajinomoto and Health Provider hope to inspire many parties to carry out other movements that aim to preserving the environment. Ajinomoto is committed to continuing to make positive contributions to society, by increasing the healthy life expectancy of Indonesian families through high quality products and services, as well as creating eco-friendly businesses.

Environmentally friendly activities carried out by Ajinomoto Indonesia can be seen via the official YouTube channel Ajinomoto.Indonesia: (

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