Ajinomoto Wins Katadata Green Initiative Award for Its Zero Waste Initiative

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 06 December 2022

Zero Waste, which is an initiative  by PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) to minimize and reduce environmental pollution to zero, has won appreciation in the Green Initiative Awards for the consumer goods category which was held by Katadata. This award is an appreciation given to companies that implement various initiatives in increasing positive impacts on the environment and creating sustainable systems.

The assessment is carried out by identifying the company's commitment and innovation towards green practices, including clean energy transitions, low emission commitments, sustainable finance, and so on. The awards were given to companies in four corporate sectors, namely banking, energy/mining, technology & transportation, and consumer goods. Ajinomoto received an award for innovation to create zero waste and also became the first MSG flavoring brand company in Indonesia with environmentally friendly packaging.


Established in Indonesia since 1969, Ajinomoto contributes to better health for Indonesian families by unlocking the power of amino acids to overcome food and health problems related to dietary habits and aging through contributing to improvements in terms of food, health and a useful life. Adhering to the Ajinomoto Share Value (ASV) which focuses on the pillars: health and well being, food resources, and global sustainability, Ajinomoto is increasingly developing itself through various product and service innovations. Through its global slogan "Eat Well, Live Well", Ajinomoto continues to make a major contribution in improving the quality of life for the Indonesian people as well as moving towards a sustainable, environmentally friendly business.

"Not only food products, Ajinomoto has also proven to be committed to protecting the environment. In every product that is produced, Ajinomoto implements an environmentally friendly production process. The Ajinomoto factory in Mojokerto has made various efforts to achieve Zero Waste. Various efforts have been made including reducing carbon emissions, reducing water consumption by up to 35% through Waste Water Management Improvement, as well as implementing Bio-Cycle & Eco-Activity which produces side products such as AJIFOL Fertilizer, AMINA, and feed raw materials. FML livestock”, said Tri Mulyo Indianto - Director of PT AJINOMOTO SALES INDONESIA when receiving the award directly in person.


In addition to processing liquid by-products from MSG production, Ajinomoto also processes by-products in solid form as well as several other domestic wastes into GCC Mix soil conditioner, TRITAN animal feed material, and several other co-products that have sales value. Not only that, the factory located in East Java also always implements reduce, reuse, recovery and recycle activities for most of the factory's activities.

For better air, Ajinomoto participates in reducing the level of carbon emissions in Indonesia by reducing 38,500 tons of CO2 (carbon emissions) by reducing fuel consumption throughout transportation at work, reducing the use of electricity, and overcoming steam leaks in production equipment. As we know, carbon emission is one of the contributors to air pollution which has a negative impact on human health and the environment.


Ajinomoto realizes that the health of the surrounding environment is the most important thing from year to year, because the quality of human life is very dependent on how clean the ecosystem around is. The amount of plastic waste that has accumulated from year to year has become a problem that must be resolved by various parties. Highlighting this problem, Ajinomoto also took concrete steps. The AJI-NO-MOTO® brand, which is closely related to the daily life of Indonesian families, has contributed to overcoming the problem of accumulation of plastic waste by reducing up to 30% the use of plastic materials in its packaging and replacing it with paper raw materials. Through the initiative, Ajinomoto became the first MSG company to use paper-based packaging. Brand Masako® will also gradually reduce the use of plastic materials starting in October 2021. Not only reducing the use of plastic materials in packaging, but Masako is also reducing plastic in the header part. The Masako® no inner plastic movement and the take out header part, when compared to the previous packaging, can reduce the use of plastic by 8.4%.

"The award we received tonight was a trigger for Ajinomoto to continue to innovate in creating new initiatives that can help preserve the environment. We hope that this environmental initiative can inspire and trigger various parties to participate in maintaining the surrounding environment. This step Ajinomoto is taking is not only for the sake of the present, but also for the happiness and health of Indonesian families in the future," said Tri at the end of the event.

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