Media Visit to Ajinomoto Factory in Mojokerto, Introduce Environmentally Friendly Contribution with Zero Waste Production Process

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 04 April 2022

Jakarta, March 31st, 2022 - PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA through its global slogan “Eat Well, Live Well” committed in continuing to make a major contribution to improving the quality of life of the Indonesian people while implementing environmentally friendly sustainable businesses to reduce environmental impact in Indonesia. Ajinomoto always keeps its commitment to provide the best for the Indonesian people through various innovations and literacy for Indonesian people based on Ajinomoto Shared Value (ASV) which focuses on 3 (three) pillars: health and well-being, food resources, and global sustainability.

Today, several journalists had the opportunity to visit one of the Ajinomoto factories in Mojokerto, East Java. The factory that was built in 1970 is a place where consumers can get to know Ajinomoto as a leading producer of Umami Seasoning. This visit was organized by PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA to introduce the Ajinomoto factory to the media. Through this visit, journalists can learn about the production process of quality products from Ajinomoto. They also had the opportunity to see the process of applying AJIFOL liquid fertilizer using drone technology.

Yudho Koesbandriyo - Director of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA explained, "Visit to the Ajinomoto factory in Mojokerto is one of the company's efforts to introduce the various efforts that have been made by PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA to achieve Zero Waste which is an effort to minimize and reduce environmental pollution to zero. The Ajinomoto factory in Mojokerto succeeded in reducing water use by up to 35% which then developed an environmental care initiative through Waste Water Management Improvement. The Ajinomoto factory in Mojokerto also implements reduce, reuse, recovery, and recycle activities when using water in every activity there is”.

We want to communicate and inform about high quality products that are produced at the Ajinomoto factory and processed by optimizing environmentally friendly efforts. Not only focusing on food products, Ajinomoto is also proven to remain committed to reducing environmental impact in Indonesia," said Grant Senjaya - Head of Public Relations of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA. Furthermore, various other activities are carried out at the Ajinomoto factory in Mojokerto, including: reducing carbon emissions, implementing Bio-Cycle & Eco-Activity which produces co-products such as AJIFOL fertilizer, AMINA, raw material for FML animal feed, and improving waste water management. which when channeled into the Brantas River, the water quality becomes better and cleaner.

During this visit, journalists also saw the real actions of Ajinomoto who tried to help farmers in spraying AJIFOL liquid fertilizer using drone technology as an effective and efficient way to use water, human resources, and save costs to support culture, sustainable agricultural resources. After going through trials, the application of drone technology has proven to be very efficient and only takes about 15 minutes per hectare with the amount of water ranging from 16 liters per hectare, compared to manually which takes about half until full day with the amount of water around 200 liters per hectare. "PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA believes that the use of drone technology will also have a positive environmental impact and can save costs while supporting sustainable agricultural cultivation in Indonesia," said Yudho.

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