GEMBIRA (Gerakan Masak Bergizi Bersama Ajinomoto Health Provider) Held in Soreang, Bandung

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 06 September 2023

Health Provider Ajinomoto this year returned to share information about the importance of increasing balanced nutritional intake and family health to Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (PKK) mothers in Pamekaran Village, Kec. Soreang, Kab. Bandung, through the GEMBIRA (Gerakan Masak Bergizi Bersama Ajinomoto Health Provider) event.

Existing in Indonesia since July 1969, Ajinomoto Indonesia Group adheres to the Ajinomoto Shared Value (ASV) which focuses on the pillars of health and welfare, food resources, and global sustainability. Ajinomoto continues to contribute to better health for Indonesian families, by unlocking the power of amino acids to overcome food and health problems related to dietary habits and aging through contributing to improvements in food and health.

Towards 2030, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) together with Ajinomoto around the world has a big vision, which is to increase the healthy life expectancy of 1 billion people worldwide and reduce the environmental impact of the company's business activities by up to 50%. To achieve this vision, Ajinomoto transforms all its employees into Health Providers. All Ajinomoto employees are equipped with knowledge related to nutrition, family health and also environmental sustainability which is not only for themselves but can also be shared with families and the wider community in Indonesia.

"Today for 250 PKK moms in Pamekaran Village, Kec. Soreang, we (as Health Providers) shared the importance of balanced nutritional intake for families, how to choose good food by prioritizing balanced nutritional intake through the "Isi Piringku" guide from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, and we also socialized the importance of limiting salt intake through the message "Smart Salt" which is a campaign that was activated by Ajinomoto, about how to reduce the risk of hypertension through reducing salt, but still delicious food with the addition of MSG. Through today's education, Ajinomoto hopes that mothers' knowledge of the importance of good food intake and contains balanced nutrition will increase and can also be passed on by mothers to other family members so that it becomes a good habit in preparing nutritious food for the family, " said Indra Nurcahyo Human Resources Dept Manager of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA.

Apart from education about nutrition, Ajinomoto also invited Chef Eki Nugraha to hold a cooking demonstration. This first GEMBIRA event in 2023 is also equipped with literacy on environmental preservation, Nutrition Corner and Masako® product knowledge. "This activity is an ongoing activity held by Ajinomoto as a form of commitment to continue disseminating nutrition education to Indonesian families. GEMBIRA is also being held in several other cities such as: Yogyakarta, Solo, Bogor, and several other cities," added Irwan Aripin - Health Provider Ajinomoto Indonesia who was the speaker at the event.

Through the Health Provider's contribution, Ajinomoto hopes to inspire many parties to carry out other movements aimed at improving the health of Indonesian families while continuing to preserve the environment. Ajinomoto is committed to continuing to make a positive contribution to society, by increasing the healthy life expectancy of Indonesian families through high quality products and services, as well as creating an eco-friendly business.

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