Taking Part in Preventing and Reducing Stunting, Ajinomoto Provides a Series of Ongoing Education to Sunter Residents

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 29 September 2023

In order to achieve 2 big goals, first extending the healthy life expectancy of 1 billion people worldwide, and second, reducing the environmental impact of our business activities by up to 50%, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) together with all affiliates from Ajinomoto Global around the world are making various efforts with a variety of activities.

At Ajinomoto Indonesia, all employees are transformed into Health Providers to achieve these 2 big goals. Health Provider Ajinomoto is equipped with knowledge related to nutrition, family health, and also environmental sustainability which is not only for oneself but can also be shared with families and the people of Indonesia. One of the various activities of Health Provider Ajinomoto to extend the healthy life expectancy of the Indonesian people is series of education to eradicate stunting, which this time starts from Ajinomoto head office’s closest environment in Sunter, North Jakarta

"Today we - Ajinomoto Health Providers are providing interactive education to mothers with toddlers and posyandu cadres in RW 11, Sunter Jaya sub-district, so that later it can be applied in making a nutrient-dense daily menu, especially for their children. "This is important to do because we see that the stunting prevalence rate in North Jakarta is still relatively high, namely 18.5% based on data from the 2022 Indonesian Nutrition Status Survey (SSGI)," said Grant Senjaya, Head of Corporate Communications Dept. PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA.

"Therefore, Ajinomoto Health Provider provides interactive education that is held continuously and packaged attractively by presenting professional chefs and assisted by nutritionists from the Community Health Center, to provide information and training in cooking nutritious menus (cooking demo) for 6 months to mothers who have toddlers and posyandu cadres, and we also provide PMT (Supplementary Food Package) to complete this series of activities," he continued.

In providing training, the professional chefs that Ajinomoto presented provided examples of daily menus that were simple to make, but very nutrient-dense for children, namely Bolu Kukus Ayam ala Masako®, Sate Lilit Wortel ala Masako®, dan Perkedel Sayur ala Masako®.

"Chef Muhammad Affan, who is a member of the Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) as Chair of  ICA Bogor Area, provided inspiration for a nutrient-dense menu whose recipe was taken from Dapur Umami ( This nutritious menu also applies the Smart Salt concept which we are actively campaigning for. "Smart Salt is a cooking concept by reducing the use of regular salt and combining it with AJI-NO-MOTO® MSG to maintain delicacy of the food even though we reduce the use of salt," said Grant.

"Hopefully, what we have shared in this series of activities will be well received and can be practiced independently in the daily life of the Posyandu cadres mothers here to create a nutrient-dense daily menu for their children, so that the prevalence of stunting will decrease,” concluded Grant at the end of the conversation.

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