Ajinomoto Indonesia is Also Visited Karawang to Launch the MAPAN Environmental Program

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 03 October 2023

Towards 2030, all Ajinomoto affiliates around the world - including PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA (Ajinomoto) have two big goals, first expand the healthy life expectancy of 1 billion people worldwide and reducing the environmental impact of the company's business activities by up to 50%. To achieve these two goals, Ajinomoto transformed all of its employees into Health Providers. Ajinomoto Health Providers are equipped with knowledge related to nutrition, family health and also environmental sustainability which is not only for themselves but can also be shared with families and the Indonesian community.

As proof of Health Provider Ajinomoto's contribution to the surrounding community, Ajinomoto launch Lingkungan MAPAN Program (Mitra heAlth Provider AjiNomoto) in Duren Village, Klari District, Karawang; Sunter Jaya Village, North Jakarta; and Bulak Banteng Village, Surabaya. Karawang was the third place where the launch of the MAPAN Environmental Program was held.

Aiming to make a direct contribution to the surrounding community, Ajinomoto launched Lingkungan MAPAN Program in Duren Village, Klari District, Karawang, because of its location in the vicinity of the Ajinomoto Factory area. In this program, we prioritize increasing understanding of balanced nutrition and preparing healthy menus for families with the concept of Smart Salt, environmentally friendly activities, and community economic development through MSMEs in the culinary sector. Ajinomoto will carry out this activity thoroughly so that it is not just a program launch but there will be monitoring, consultation and evaluation sessions.

“This activity is a manifestation of Ajinomoto Shared Value (ASV). ASV is the uniqueness and advantage of the Ajinomoto Group in creating shared economic value and social value through sustainable Ajinomoto business development. In the health sector, today Ajinomoto invited Khoirul Anwar, S.Gz, M.Si, Head of the Nutrition Study Program, Faculty of Food and Health Technology, Sahid University to explain the importance of arranging a balanced nutritious menu for the family, and was also accompanied by Sakinah, S.Gz , Nutrition & Education, Corporate Communications Dept – Ajinomoto, which explains the role of umami and the benefits of using MSG as a low salt diet strategy.

"Ajinomoto shows great care in the field of family health, because from a healthy family, a strong nation will grow. Ajinomoto helps Indonesian families by increasing nutritional literacy so they can prepare food which is not only delicious but nutritionally balanced. In terms of eco-friendly activities, Ajinomoto Health Provider (from the Karawang Factory) explained to the participants the importance of sorting waste at home. By sorting waste from home, residents can help maintain the surrounding environment clean. Besides that, there can be economic value if residents contribute to the waste recycling process. Apart from sorting waste, we also introduce how solid and liquid waste is processed at the Karawang Factory, so that it becomes an alternative animal feed product that has economic value. We (Health Providers) will continue to carry out activities like this to help expand healthy life expectancy of the Indonesian people and reduce environmental impacts," said Jasman Silalahi - Director of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA, when giving a speech at the Duren Village Hall, Kec. Klari, Karawang.

"We also support MSME entrepreneurs development, especially those operating in the culinary sector. We invited a chef who was also successful in developing his business in the culinary field. This time, Chef Jordhy Aldyan Latif - Master Chef Season 6 Alumni, shares his experience in starting a culinary business, which can provide inspiration for the residents of Duren Village. Ajinomoto also invited the residents present who were planning to start a culinary business or who already had a culinary business to take part in the Ajinomoto Culinary MSME Competition. Ajinomoto provides prizes in the form of financial support for business development for the winners of the Ajinomoto Culinary MSME Competition," he continued.

“We are very grateful to Ajinomoto. Because with this event, we can increase our knowledge about nutrition, health and also the environment. "It was explained in the nutrition specialist's presentation how to improve nutrition for children who are stunted," said H. Abdul Salim - Head of Duren Village.

Ajinomoto hopes that what the Health Providers and other resource persons share can contribute to good social value and can be useful input and provide added value for the residents of Duren Village.

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