New Normal Will Not Stop Us from Caring To Each Other, Because Ajinomoto:

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 22 January 2021

As a form of commitment to continuously contribute to the society in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic adaptation to New Normal, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA proudly introduce our New Corporate Movie with the message to cope with the New Normal situation, "Keep in Touch With Delicious Nutritious Meal"

In this 90-second video, through providing high quality products & services, and introducing delicious nutritious menus from Dapur Umami® (, PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA wants to continue the contribution to families in Indonesia.

Dapur Umami is a platform from PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA for everyone to get various practical, delicious and nutritious menu references, which have been present since 2011. In November 2017, Dapur Umami became the first menu portal to provide nutritional value information on each menu, so that it’s not only provides a practical, easy, and delicious menu reference, but also guaranteed to be nutritious. Since then, Dapur Umami has continue to communicate the importance of serving a balanced nutrition menus for families.

"We want to continue to contribute to the Indonesian Society, even though we still have to face the Covid-19 pandemic situation and adapt with New Normal," said Mr. Ichiro Sakakura, President Director of PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA.

"Through various delicious and nutritious balanced menus from Dapur Umami – PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA, we represent our passion to bring families together with cooking and eating delicious nutritious meals with our products and services, and we hope pandemic and new normal situation didn’t let our spirit down," he continued.

This Corporate Movie will make you want to plan your weekend meals together with your family and loved ones. Have you shared goodness today?

Watch the full video at:

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