Reach Your Dream, Get Masters Scholarship Program to Japan with Ajinomoto

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 08 January 2024

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA has reopened the Master Program (S2) scholarship selection to support the aspirations of Indonesian students to continue their studies at various universities in Japan. Committed since 2010, it has been more than a decade since PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA has contributed to supporting the dreams of Indonesian students to continue their studies in Japan.

Jakarta, Januari 9, 2024 - PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA through the Ajinomoto Foundation this time is again providing postgraduate scholarships for the 2025 academic year to Indonesian students to continue their studies at 7 choices of universities in Japan. The universities to choose from are the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Ochanomizu University, Kagawa Nutrition University, Nagoya University, Waseda University, Institute of Science Tokyo. This program is given as a form of company concern in supporting the aspirations of the Indonesian student to continue their studies in Japan for the sake of Indonesia development.

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA commits to giving this scholarship to 1 Indonesian student every year in the AJINOMOTO Post-Graduate Scholarship scheme, and this time entering for the 2025 academic year. The program which has been implemented since 2010 is a Full Scholarship Program, with details: an allowance in the amount 1,800,000 yen as a Research Student (for 1 year), 4,320,000 yen as a Master Course Student (for 2 years), full tuition fees, admission, full examination, and plane tickets to Japan.

The condition is that prospective students must be interested in continuing their studies (Research + Master Program) in the field of Food Technology, Nutrition, or Agricultural Product Technology, with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.70 with maximum age under 35 years old, and very interested in learning Japanese culture and language. Prospective scholarship applicant must also be in excellent physical and mental condition, and also have high motivation to keep learning.

The awardee of the Ajinomoto scholarship program in the 2024 academic year is Nur Aizah Gian, 25 years old, from Makasar, South Sulawesi. The girl who is familiarly called Gian is a Bachelor of Nutrition graduate of Hasanuddin University.

Currently, Gian will taking the master program (S2) at the Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University, under the guidance of Prof. Kenji Wakai MD, PhD, Gian will start her studies as a Research Student in April 2024, and is projected to graduate in April 2027 with a Master of Science (M.Sc) degree. Gian on this occasion told about her experience in participating in the Ajinomoto Scholarship selection.

"The most memorable moment was during the Ajinomoto Scholarship selection process, when I was declared to have passed as the top 3 candidates and took part in the 2nd stage interview. At that time I knew enough about the potential of the other candidates that I was very grateful to pass the final stage. I had to fly to Jakarta from Makasar to undergo interviews with four BOD people from Ajinomoto who were Japanese and one lecturer who really understood my academic field. "I also had the opportunity to meet and get to know the other candidates and Ajinomoto Indonesia." said Gian excitedly.

"For friends who will take part in the Ajinomoto Scholarship selection next year, the first tip I can give is know yourself! Friends must be able to recognize themselves, the reasons for taking this scholarship, the reasons why they want to continue studying in Japan. Find out the main reasons for the questions above from yourself, not answers from other people. "Second, prepare the required documents properly and from now on do a search about the host professor, laboratory, department and university you want to go to," she continued.

According to Gian, getting an education in Japan was her dream, and she is grateful to PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA for providing the opportunity and realizing her dream in terms of women's nutrition. She hopes that Ajinomoto can continue to support the hopes of Indonesian students to be able to study in Japan, and to continue to be a bridge for friendship, as well as the exchange of knowledge and technological developments between Japan and Indonesia.

It's the time for Indonesian student to reach out their dream. out more information about this scholarship program through PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA's Corporate Website: and make your dreams come true!

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