Reach Your Dream, Get Masters Scholarship Program to Japan with Ajinomoto Scholarship 2024

Publish with Author Ajinomoto at 11 January 2023

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA has reopened the Master Program (S2) scholarship selection to support the aspirations of Indonesian students to continue their studies at various universities in Japan. Committed since 2010, it has been more than a decade since PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA has contributed to supporting the dreams of Indonesian students to continue their studies in Japan.

PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA through the Ajinomoto Foundation this time is again providing postgraduate scholarships for the 2024 academic year to Indonesian students to continue their studies at 7 choices of universities in Japan. The universities to choose from are the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Ochanomizu University, Kagawa Nutrition University, Nagoya University, Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology. This program is given as a form of company concern in supporting the aspirations of the Indonesian student to continue their studies in Japan for the sake of Indonesia development.


PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA commits to giving this scholarship to 1 Indonesian student every year in the AJINOMOTO Postgraduate Scholarship scheme, and this time entering for the 2024 academic year. The program which has been implemented since 2010 is a Full Scholarship Program, with details: an allowance in the amount 1,800,000 yen as a Research Student (for 1 year), 6,480,000 yen as a Master Course Student (for 2 years), full tuition fees, admission, full examination, and plane tickets to Japan.

The condition is that prospective students must be interested in continuing their studies (Research + Master Program) in the field of Food Technology, Nutrition, or Agricultural Product Technology, with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 Maximum age 35 years old, and very interested in learning Japanese culture and language. Prospective scholarship applicant must also be in excellent physical and mental condition, and also have high motivation to keep learning.

 Chevia Nadia, Ajinomoto Scholarship 2018 Awardee to Tokyo University

The awardee of the Ajinomoto scholarship program in the 2023 academic year is Mutiara Arsya Vidianinggar Wijanarko, 24 years old, from Malang, East Java. The girl who is familiarly called Ara is a Bachelor of Nutrition graduate of Airlangga University.

Currently, Mutiara is taking the master program (S2) at the Graduate School of Nutrition Sciences, Kagawa Nutrition University, under the guidance of Prof. Masaharu Kagawa, Mutiara will start his studies as a Research Student in April 2023, and is projected to graduate in April 2026 with a Master of Science (M.Sc) degree. Mutiara on this occasion told about her experience in participating in the Ajinomoto Scholarship selection.

“It really came by surprise, competing to get 1st place as an awardee is something that is extremely difficult and I am very grateful for. Going through a long and competitive selection process has made me even more excited to go through the process of my master's program journey, and I am very grateful to PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA has given me the opportunity and support in the form of a scholarship to deepen my knowledge and contribute to the world of women's nutrition. In addition to the very strict selection process, a lot of lessons and experiences were taken in each selection process, where I gained new insights regarding the topics that I planned and would bring up later." said Mutiara.


Mutiara Arsya, Ajinomoto Scholarship 2023 Awardee Kagawa Nutrition University

“This experience has made me deepen the meaning of 'how to be resilient', how to survive and keep believing in my abilities even in a very tight selection, and made me believe that if we try really hard, God will open the door (way)” she continued.

According to Mutiara, getting an education in Japan was her dream, and she is grateful to PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA for providing the opportunity and realizing her dream in terms of women's nutrition. She hopes that Ajinomoto can continue to support the hopes of Indonesian students to be able to study in Japan, and to continue to be a bridge for friendship, as well as the exchange of knowledge and technological developments between Japan and Indonesia.

It's the time for Indonesian students to reach their dream. out more information about this scholarship program through PT AJINOMOTO INDONESIA's Corporate Website: and make your dreams come true!

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